Senin, 22 Maret 2010

foto - foto jesus kristus

birth Baby Jesus with Simeon in the Temple

Jesus is born

Baby Jesus in Temple with Simeon the Prophet

Boy Jesus in the Temple with Rabbis Baptism of our Lord

Boy Jesus in Temple with Rabbis

Baptism of Our Lord

Good Shepherd Jesus with child on his lap

The Good Shepherd

Jesus holding child on lap

I'll make you fishers of men... Transfiguration of Our Lord

I will make you fishers of men

Transfiguration of Our Lord

Jesus the Teacher Jesus enters Jerusalem for Passover

Jesus the Teacher

Jesus enters Jerusalem for Passover

Jesus celebrates Passover with Disciples Jesus praying at Gethsemene

Jesus celebrates Passover

Jesus prays at Gethsemene

Jesus is crucified Jesus is risen from the dead

Jesus is crucified

Jesus is Alive !

Jesus in Heaven watching us

Jesus is in Heaven watching over us

Elisha raising the dead boy

Jacob before pharoh

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

Joseph's brothers sell him as slave

Jesus & Mary in the manger

Angel visits Mary

God's promise to Noah

Noah and sons building the Ark

Angel protecting Daniel in the Lions den

Pharoh's daughter finds Moses in the river

Parents bringing their children to Jesus

Jesus healing a blind man

Jesus about to calm the storm

Disciples fishing

David worshiping God while tending his sheep

Samuel hears the voice of God

Little girl tells Naaman's wife about the prophet Elisha

Jesus washes the feet of his disciples

Jesus talks to his disciples about heaven

Nehemiah rebuilding Jerusalem

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